Photo Reminders App Reviews

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No Landscape?


Awesome idea

Ive been saying this should be an app like this for years now Im really glad somebody went and did it

Clever and useful

We need more apps like this that are practical, but go beyond the features of what appears to be a commodity category. Uses the best part of owning an iPhone, the camera.

Repeating reminder

This concept is something that could be helpful to me. Being attention deficient about some things requires an easy but thorough type of organization and reminder system. Ive only made one reminder so far, photo and voice, for my multivitamin. First, so I remember which supplement when and with the voice telling me how many, how many times a day and with or without certain foods. Instead of memorizing the info or looking at the small print on the bottle each time. Being able to easily type text onto the photo would work too. Giving this a repeating alert capability would be an improvement for reminders such as vitamin/meds taking.

Pictures say more

Pictures added to short written notes makes my job so much easier, such a clever app!

Original take on Notes/Reminders

Take a picture, dictate a note, add a date/time. Does more than most in less time.

Beautiful and useful

Very nice

Great and simple to use


Pictures are better!

Love having visual notes, easy to use too!


The app crashes all the time when I try to add Sound in Prefs. Please fix


The best


New & neat concept. But, needs more functionality.


Great for me to take pics with a note !!!!!!! Great ideas. !!!!this app is just what I need when I cant remember something I take a picture and leave arssage with it great. Love It


Really helpful !

Too many button presses

This app sends a standard banner to your screen with only a brief description. You dont see the photo. You have to press the banner to make it go away. Then you have to press the phot reminder app, then your reminder, then the photo to actually finally see the photo for your reminder. You spend a ridiculous amount of clicks and time to actually see your photo. Do not assume your photo to pop up and remind you of anything. It is embedded deep within the app. Its pointless. Deleting...

Great visual reminder app

This is such a handy app to remind you with pics (with or without an audio note). I use it to snap pics of shoes or clothes I want to buy later so I remember what they look like. You can also import photos from your camera roll. Pretty handy app!

Very handy little app

This is just what I need. How many times have I needed to take a picture something to remind myself of information or the need to buy it or whatever. Very useful little app.

So far seems helpful

Hope creators continue to develop. Thanks.

Fantastic app

Just what I was looking for.

Seems pretty simple to use.

Im all about simplicity. Only gave it 4stars because I just got it, dont know if the alarm will work &/or what other issues I MAY encounter. Other than that, seems pretty simple & I like the layout.

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