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Repeating reminder

This concept is something that could be helpful to me. Being attention deficient about some things requires an easy but thorough type of organization and reminder system. Ive only made one reminder so far, photo and voice, for my multivitamin. First, so I remember which supplement when and with the voice telling me how many, how many times a day and with or without certain foods. Instead of memorizing the info or looking at the small print on the bottle each time. Being able to easily type text onto the photo would work too. Giving this a repeating alert capability would be an improvement for reminders such as vitamin/meds taking.

Clever and useful

We need more apps like this that are practical, but go beyond the features of what appears to be a commodity category. Uses the best part of owning an iPhone, the camera.

Awesome idea

Ive been saying this should be an app like this for years now Im really glad somebody went and did it

No Landscape?


Doesnt work - no support!

I bought this program so that I could have photo reminders at different times during the day. It hasnt worked at all for me. And the links to support are broken.

Fills a missing gap

Since the reminder app doesnt let you save photos, this fills that gap


The best


The app crashes all the time when I try to add Sound in Prefs. Please fix

To be honest

The app overall is useful (me personally) when you have ideas or something in mind this app is perfect add your description to the idea and the title it plus add notes to better detail your ideas.

Don’t count on Evernote Sync, Otherwise it works fine

No updates since mid 2014, so this app isn’t getting any support. It takes the photo, which can be saved to the camera roll too. Audio notes work fine too. Crashes whenever I try to set up Evernote sync.

Not iPad friendly

Not iPad friendly. Only displays in portrait. My iPad keyboard case doesnt function standing up on end. Please fix.


Evernote sync bug"s.


When you go to set the timer, the hour wheel is blank. Ridiculous.

Great note book!

Love the concept and execution this note app provides...

Fun app

Fun. I wish it came with some stock stickers.

Misses the point :(

When I take a photo to remind me of something instead of putting it in my reminders or to-do list, its because I have only a split second to it. With the current way this app works, it would take me much less time to manually type out a reminder, which renders this app useless. Adding a note on here has to be streamlined somehow. Maybe a Notification Center widget that would turn adding a reminder into a one- or two-click process? Or a "Share" extension from the Photos app? I really wanted to like this app, and it DOES do exactly what is says it does, but its just not enough, unfortunately.


Forces you to provide feedback

So far so good

Simple and to the point. Helps with my random daily reminders

App review

I have not used this enough to really comment. To get sounds for reminder you have to do a review, so I cannot give a full review yet.

Good app

Good app, delivers what it promises. Only thing I wish was an option to be reminded more than once, like a daily reminder, or like IPhone calendar with an option to remind a set amount of time before.

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